About Zoll Plus

We, the Zoll Plus Dienstleistungs GmbH, are an Austrian based company. We define ourselves as a competent partner in the field of customs and foreign trade. Our customers are both the import/export - industry, as well as freight forwarders, which need help regarding the complex EU foreign trade system.

Customs and foreign trade is a very exciting matter, but economic operators constantly face new challenges by a fast-changing legislative and case law by the European Court of Justice as well as national courts. Therefore Zoll Plus was founded with the fundamental idea of forming a highly specialized group of experts to concentrate the necessary knowledge to help our customers to fully comply with EU customs and foreign trade law.

Therefore we want to offer you three major advantages:

PLUS: Competence

Our team consists of highly specialized experts of customs and international trade law with years of experience. This represents an inestimable value in the daily customs related challenges.

PLUS: Independence

Zoll Plus offers only services related to customs. Therefore we can guarantee our fully independence from the freight forwarding agencies. This is an advantage for freight forwarders, because their business data is absolutly secure from any competitors hands. Customers in the import and export industry also benefit from our independence as we can provide a centralized customs clearance autonomous from the actual freight forwarder.

PLUS: Goal - Oriented

We apply laser-like attention to a project and achieve superior results. We favour agile approaches, relying on frequent communication and close contact with the customer and the problem at hand to stay on track. In contrast to a cold and impersonal corporate culture, we aim to be counter-cultural.